This moment is a slice

While eating breakfast about an hour ago, I was trying to think of what I would write for my first Slice of Life post this March.  During my yoga training back in 2012, I read a lot of philosophy about the power of the present moment.  Live in the Now.  The “present” is a gift.  If you are too stuck in the past, you will be depressed.  If you are too focused on the future, you will be worrisome.  On this fine Sunday morning (getting a bit late, but still morning for me) I am going to honor that practice of groundedness in the present moment and share my current situation.

I’ll start by introducing you to my roommates.  Julie, my cousin and great friend, is sleeping and will be sleeping into the afternoon because that’s her Sleeping Beauty style.  She loves sleep.  Her boyfriend, Bill, the man of the apartment, is normally sleeping in with her, but today he went out for coffee with some friends.  My reason for sharing is that I will probably mention them again this month, and you can now imagine how quiet and peaceful my space is here alone on the couch with my laptop.  I’m enjoying my tall cup of coffee in my fuzzy robe and watching the light snow steadily fall outside my window.  I’m feeling grateful to be on the inside of this cozy scene.  With easy Sunday Funday plans to get manicures with my mom and sister later, and then dinner with my boyfriend, Adam, later this evening, I’m just overall feeling good about this day.

I hope you’re having or had a cozy morning, too!  What are you grateful for in this moment?


11 thoughts on “This moment is a slice

  1. Thanks for the advice to just live in the moment and sharing “your current situation”. I often feel my writing is just not quite up to the standards of all the other slicers and I need to just write and get it out there. Enjoy your Sunday Funday and evening dinner. I’ll look forward to reading your posts this month.

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  2. Sara, welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge! These words sound like the perfect start to this month of writing: “you can now imagine how quiet and peaceful my space is here alone on the couch with my laptop. I’m enjoying my tall cup of coffee in my fuzzy robe and watching the light snow steadily fall outside my window.” Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Sara, I love blog posts that end with a question. It really invites your reader in – asks them to participate in that moment with you! I have been overcome with gratitude for my writing community that also includes so many of my work colleagues. I have felt this overwhelming sense of brain power – focused thought from all of us on our writing and on each other. Ellin Keene told some kids last week to take care of each other as they talked about a difficult subject (segregation) – her words are in my mind right now as a result of your slice. We are collectively taking care of each other as we focus our minds and hearts on writing and reading each other’s writing on this day.

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  4. Well, I for one, am grateful for this Slice! I love how you described a bit of your background in the study of yoga and being present. It really helped me appreciate that you appreciate this moment, right now, in your fuzzy robe. I can’t wait to hear more stories about your cousin/roomates! I’m so glad you’re Slicing!

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  5. Your Slice has got me thinking of so many things! I love how you remind your readers to be in the moment…not my best quality all the time. I look forward to reading more this month! It is such a rewarding experience….and fun too! Welcome to this great writing community!

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  6. A friend of my has a gratitude journal on his facebook page that has been going for over three years now. Everyday he writes about what he is grateful for. This year, I too started to post more about gratitude, but have fallen off as of late. Stress has taken over, and worries know no limits. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reminding me of the small cozy moments that we can be forever grateful for. Today I am grateful for late nights with dear friends who show me no judgment and offer only guidance and a kind ear!

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