Deep breath moments

One of the most amazing things I ever learned was the power of breath awareness. To practice consciously breathing, in seated meditation or during everyday life, is powerful in many ways. Waking up. Calming down. Relieving stress. Setting intentions. Savoring the moment.

It nourishes your body to breathe. We do it automatically. It’s how we know one’s alive (along with the rhythm of a heartbeat).

But, how often do you WATCH your breath? Pay attention to it? Notice it’s natural rhythm? Observe how it changes like the soundtrack of your life? Control it’s depth? Take from it what you presently need or use it to let go of what you don’t?

I try to remember to…

Feel the cool air enter my nostrils. Watch my body expand and blossom with fullness as I pull energy up into my body through the invisible roots that connect me to the Earth.
As I exhale, feel myself relax and release air warmed by the body back out into the world. Grounded like a seed. Letting go.
And again and again.


3 thoughts on “Deep breath moments

  1. Breath in and out. So, so important to our well being, you are right! I had a friend who had to undergo radiation for cancer 7 years ago and I really tried to work with her on her breathing. Radiation wasn’t going well. The machine kept breaking down. Instead of the techs helping her with her breathing they kept telling her to calm down. They would tell her if she didn’t keep still then the session would last even longer. Like it was her fault! I was so frustrated. She absolutely hated going to radiation every day – it was a nightmare. Wouldn’t it be great if all those who work with people could gain this understanding his in their training?

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  2. I have been trying to expand my knowledge and practice of meditation these past couple of years; I love using it in my classroom with my preschoolers. It is an amazing thing to listen and watch and attend to your breath and then feel the effects. I loved this description,
    “Watch my body expand and blossom with fullness as I pull energy up into my body through the invisible roots that connect me to the Earth.”

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