Best Cup of Coffee I Ever Had

Best cup of coffee I ever had!

That’s what he always says.

Before I was old enough to drink coffee myself, I enjoyed stirring up a cup of coffee for my mom and dad once in a while.  For special mornings like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just when I wanted to be helpful and sweet to my parents.  They both take it the same.  Cream, no sugar.  Perhaps on some mornings, they were feeling comfy and knew their little girl liked to please and be praised for it, so they asked me to refill their cups as they watched the morning news together.  This was what I could count on every morning.  I wish every child had something like this.  Me, mom and dad, cuddles, the Today show, and their cups of coffee.

Whenever I gave dad his coffee and he took the first sip he would say enthusiastically, “Best cup of coffee I ever had!”

That made me feel like the coolest kid ever!  I could prepare the best cup of coffee in the world!  My dad says so.

Every single time.  It started to make me giggle because I knew he’d say it before he even took a sip, but I loved it.

Sometimes that’s all anybody ever needs.  Cuddles and to know they make the best cup of coffee ever.

Now as I look back, I know my dad’s overflowing love for me is what made that coffee taste so good.  I even knew then, that he probably had tasted a better cup of coffee.


5 thoughts on “Best Cup of Coffee I Ever Had

  1. This is so sweet, Sara! I love how you wrote, “I wish every child had something like this. Me, mom and dad, cuddles, the Today show, and their cups of coffee.” Not a ton of toys or big fancy vacations – just the simplest thing. I hope my girls have sweet memories like this when they grow up.

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  2. This was so sweet you’d think they took sugar in their coffee. 🙂
    Such beautiful memories. I’m glad you have them. Your writing is very soothing to read.

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  3. I had one special job on Christmas morning…making Dad’s coffee. It was one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning because I always knew Grandma and I would sneak into the kitchen, start the coffee pot, pour orange juice for my mom and then I would proudly carry a tray in and wake them up. Grandma always made sure I was an excellent coffee maker, I’m sure, but I felt so important to have that job on such a special day.

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