Don’t Cry… part 2

If you read my post yesterday “Don’t Cry Over Spilled… Coffee and Broken Vases” then you know Demarco and what a sweet boy he is.  Today, even more to add!!

He came to my classroom door this morning with a gift bag holding two glass vases (one clear and one purple) that he picked up from Walmart yesterday.

“I don’t know if these will replace the one from Peru, but I want to give you these.”

I gave him a hug and told him he was the sweetest kid ever!  I told him that I loved these vases even more than the one from Peru and that I would keep them forever to remember Demarco and his excellent character.

Ugh. I love that kid.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Cry… part 2

  1. WOW! I hadn’t read yesterday’s post so I had to go read that. What a great kid! How kind he is! How lucky you are to have him in your class. You handled it so well – good for you! Sounds like it was a take a breath and count to 10 kind of moment. Just think about the lasting impression you made on that boy. Wow!

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