If I were a plant, I’d be a succulent.  Their juicy bulbous leaves are so cute you just want to squeeze them like bubble wrap.  As a kid, I had chubby cheeks that were often pinched.  Now, I’m one of those ladies.  The kind who can’t keep her hands to herself when a cute kid with chubby cheeks shows their sweet face.  This is difficult, being a teacher, because I see adorable kids every day!

I love the variety of succulents.  There’s the round, spirally ones that look like geometric mandalas from a Buddhist temple.  There are some that are fuzzy and soft like kitten paws.  Some with leaves that fade from green to pink look like they just got a funky dye job.  The beautiful diversity makes it hard to choose when standing at the garden store.  I felt like I was trying to pick the perfect puppy to bring home.  I got three of them!  I couldn’t decide.  Typical.

Today I fed my green thumbs by potting my new succulents into little glass terrariums.  They’re so delicate and sensitive as you uproot them from their plastic containers and place them into their new home.  I can relate to that, too.


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