I told a 7th grade student at the end of the school day “I don’t know what to write for my Slice of Life today.”  This is a dilemma she understands and can relate to, because she writes them at least once a week, too.  She says sometimes she doesn’t know what to write about either.  I asked her what she does if she’s not sure what to write about and she said, “Well, how was your day?”

It was a normal Monday.  I guess I can write about that, but I apologize ahead of time if I bore you with my normal Monday report. There is definitely a sense of peace that I feel at the end of the school day when there isn’t much to report; it must’ve gone smoothly.

It’s a normal Monday.  I accomplished doing my laundry and grading over the weekend and even got to spend some time with my sweet boyfriend on Saturday and Sunday, so I felt satisfied with the short break and ready to go back to work today.

There was a bit of a snowfall this morning which I was pretty aggravated about because I am very ready for the life of springtime to energize us and melt away the winter.  The roads weren’t too bad, though, and I got to work easily and early enough.

I had no major behavior problems in any of my classes today.  There was nothing significantly challenging enough that stressed me out or that I’ll go home and vent to my roommates about, so that’s always a good thing.  There were also no incredibly joyous or exciting moments today to call home to mom about.  I felt calm and collected all day and my 7 different classes began and ended steadily.  Before I knew it, it was the end of the school day.  Everything went as planned, which all teachers know, doesn’t always happen.  For that, I am thankful.

When I asked a coworker at lunch how she was doing, she said “Oh, I can’t wait for the weekend.”  Already?  I just nodded, but I try not to fall into that mindset.  I am not judging her, because there are certainly days and moments when I feel the same.  However, today I don’t mind that it’s Monday.  I can’t forget that I’m blessed to have a job that is meaningful to me.  I am grateful to have a job at all.  There are many people, struggling, who don’t.

Who doesn’t love weekends?  But, it’s only Monday so let’s just be here and count our blessings.

It was a normal Monday.  Can’t complain.


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