Spring Will Come

Have you ever felt cut down, dried out, wilted, frozen, and raked up?

Has it ever felt like winter would never end?

Like if you could, you’d just hibernate?
Do you know what hope feels like?

When what remains within you is
rich, fertile soil
spread under the March skies
anticipating re-growth

Spring will come.

Has winter ever taken over you, when your eyes still sparkle summer?

Have you felt your spirit open to flower, back to full blossoms, wide petals and strong stems?
Bees buzzing happily
Birds singing sweetly again

Have you felt that?  At the very end of winter? When it felt like you may never see springtime again?

But you believed you would.

Remember how it feels to water the flowers and herbs?
To participate in nourishment and growth
and to smile in the sunshine
When it’s so warm you cool off in the shade and your skin still radiates heat?

Spring will come.


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