Body Scan

In this moment, I sit and write.

In this moment, I will practice calming my body and mind after a busy day.

My feet are up on a chair now.  The students have gone.

My feet are sore. I let them relax.

Deep breath.

I give my ankles and calves a little stretch. I’m glad to be resting and not walking around.

Deep breath.

My legs are now horizontal; they are vertical most of the day. I let my legs relax.

Deep breath.

My hips are also resting.  I feel my pelvis and whole upper body supported by my soft chair.

Deep breath.

I lean back in my chair.

Deep breath.

I notice that my neck and shoulders feel tight.

Deep breath.

I remove my hands from the keyboard and place them into my lap for a moment to stretch my neck, shoulders and back.

Deep breath.

I relax my shoulders.  I let go of any tension I absorbed throughout the day.

Deep breath.

I close my eyes.

I imagine my heart.  Breathe in love.

I imagine my mind.  Breathe in clarity.

I imagine my spirit.  Breathe in joy.

In this moment, I am relaxed.



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