Make March Positive

Well, I missed March 1st for signing up on time for the Slice of Life challenge… and I’m writing my first post on March 2nd. (Fail.)

It’s easy to fall into negativity in a world that is so fast paced, full of pain, suffering, judgment… and task-oriented.

But it’s also full of love, joy, accomplishments, blessings and precious moments!

My whole life I’ve been somewhat of a wanna-be perfectionist and a people pleaser.  I can be my worst critic and I beat myself up more than anyone else.  It has been a personal intention lately to think about all the positives more, and focus on the negatives less.  I am going to turn that thought process into my writing pieces for this month’s challenge.

So, what went RIGHT on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016?  A lot.

I enjoyed teaching my daily lessons and ended my day still in a good mood, and not stressed out or over exhausted.

Interactions that I experienced with my coworkers were positive.

I was complimented by someone I respect.

For the most part, what needed to be completed by the end of the day, did.

I didn’t have lunch duty and was able to relax with a friend while I ate.

There was nasty winter weather outside, and we were warm inside the building.

I had a delicious home cooked lunch (leftovers from the night before).

I was told I am loved by my parents, separately. (Love 2 times!)

I shared pizza and wine for dinner with a new neighbor and enjoyed conversation, getting to know a nice person in the world.

I was healthy.

I saw smiles and heard laughs.

I went to sleep at night in a comfortable bed.

I did my best.






3 thoughts on “Make March Positive

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and found myself nodding – nodding in agreement when pointed out multiple things like how easy it is to fall into negativity, but especially when you said, “My whole life I’ve been somewhat of a wanna-be perfectionist and a people pleaser. I can be my worst critic and I beat myself up more than anyone else.” You described me perfectly! 🙂 In fact, my blog also focuses on that very subject today. The use of the list was perfect for this piece as it highlighted just how many wonderful, positive things that are happening daily. I was wishing it would never end. Kudos to you for focusing on positivity! Great post!


  2. OK, this one brought tears to my eyes. Really!!! I see this coming out in you all of the time – looking at the world through a positive lens. Something you forgot to add to this piece was that you put positivity out into the world with this slice – may it all come back to you in spades 🙂

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