Wonderful Miracle

Miracle who is a Pisces like me.

Miracle who is compassionate, creative and adaptive.

Miracle who works so hard and cares so much about learning and doing her best.

Miracle, who like me at her age, wants to strive for perfection and I see her suffering because that is an unattainable goal.

Miracle who is so beautiful and wonderful just the way she is, right now, today.  She is right where she should be on her path.

Miracle who sometimes struggles and often overcomes the obstacles.

Miracle who I know will be successful in the future because she doesn’t give up.

Miracle who says, “This is too hard. I don’t know Spanish,” and then I see her using her resources and notes and figuring it out.  She is writing in Spanish, that language that she “doesn’t know.”

Miracle who tells me the correct Spanish word when I ask.

“Look at you, girl! Speaking Spanish!”

“No, I’m not.”

Almost like a mind-reader, I can translate the thoughts of self-doubt from her body language.  A scowl that says, “I don’t know enough.” A pout, “This is too difficult for me.” Her slouch, “I am feeling vulnerable and insecure because this is not my first language.” I can feel her feelings.  I have been there.

Miracle, you are performing magic with your thoughts.  Your words that you speak about yourself are amazingly powerful.  Own your successes.  However small they may be, you are making progress!  You are learning!  Do not focus on all you still don’t know, sweet girl.  You have so much time.  You have just begun.

Celebrate what you have learned! You are so brave for trying something new and never giving up on yourself!

Do you believe in miracles?  I believe in Miracle.



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