Some mornings I listen to the news in my car on the way to work.

Most mornings I listen to silence.

This morning, I listened to “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar as I sipped my coffee like a bad ass.

I may have swerved around in my lane a bit?

Hip hoppin to school.


“Ya bish, ya bish”

To be in touch with a side of myself that, for most of the day, is tucked away behind a cardigan sweater and backseat to classroom management.

As I rolled up to the school parking lot, I turned down my car speakers shrinkingly.

“Can we listen to music while we work today, Ms. Dobrinski?”

“Sure, as long as it’s something appropriate for school.”


6 thoughts on “Inappropriate 

  1. Ha! I can relate to having to turn the jams waaaay down upon turning into the lot. And possibly once upon a time forgetting to pre select songs from my library before letting it play. I’ve never dived so fast for a keyboard in my life. 😉

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  2. Fun post. I love how you explore the many facets of self that a single individual can embody. Just like code switching with language, we learn to navigate between these selves on a daily basis.

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