Home alone

Five months ago, I moved into my own apartment. This is the first time in my life I have experienced living alone. No roommates. No pets. At first I was a little afraid about being alone, but I’ve found so much value in this chapter of my life. Below are many of the discovered benefits of living alone.

Nobody else to clean up after.

Nobody else minding my messes.

My own glorious, cozy, peaceful space.

Always my choices.

My style.

My scents.

My food in the fridge.

My music.

My energy.

A place to express myself beyond my body. I see me all around each room. I see me in the guests I choose to welcome inside.

A place to reflect, meditate, get to know myself deeper.

As a lover and an empath, living alone allows me time and space in which to give  tlc to myself and feel my own feelings without distractions.

My self-love.

My independence.

My nest.

My peace.

A place to reenergize between sharing and serving others.

I see my future self falling in love and sharing a home with a family some day, but for now, my time spent home alone is a precious gift. I intend to remember the value in this alone time, even in the future if my home fills with pets, a lover, children, etc. It might just become a  meditation corner in a certain room.  It might only happen that I get the house to myself once in a while. I may not live alone forever.  Togetherness will be another incredible blessing in coming seasons of my life, but I won’t forget the importance of knowing myself closely and finding space to care for this person who I live within. Me.


8 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. Great, extremely powerful piece! Your words so clearly expressed just how content you are with your life right now. This piece also screamed empowerment! I like your use of lists, and 2 very different lists. Loved it!!!

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  2. “I see me in the guests I choose to welcome inside.” I read that line a few times to let the meaning sink in. You create a very powerful message about the people we surround ourselves with. Who they are represents who WE are. You are very insightful.

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